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Adoption Considerations

  • These are NOT feeders. You will need to attach a picture of your rat's future home to you application. The picture will need to include your name and date within the image. 

  • You will be requested to adopt a pair. Having grown together over the last few weeks/months, having a family member sharing in the transition makes it less stressful. 

  • If your living situation changes, you agree to return your rats to P'Ototo's Rattery at no cost.  

Two baby rats walking with their eye open for the first time.

Adoption Checklist

Do you have:

  1. Cage. While a small cage is good for a pair, we prefer and recommend the Critter Nation Small Animal cage for 4 or more.

  2. Bedding. We have used granules, shredded paper, and once our rats are litter box trained, we use different fabrics. AVOID bedding that is dusty or contains aromatic oils such a cedar chips due to the rat's sensitive respiratory systems.

  3. Food. A good all-purpose food is Oxbow Adult Rat food. This should be supplemented with vegetables, fruit, etc. Our ratties love Avocado and Cantaloupe.

  4. Water. You can use either a water bottle or water bowl. Our rats use both and enjoy playing in the water bowl.

  5. Exotic Veterinarian.  If you do not have one, we highly recommend Evergreen Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital. They have locations in Kirkland and Tacoma. 
    Bothell Bird and Exotic offers 24-hour emergency services. 

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