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Two rats snuggling in a cloth turtle toy.

Welcome to P'Ototo's Rattery

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Important Notice Regarding Pet Rat Adoptions

“They may be with us for only a couple of years, but we’re with them their entire lives.”


Dear Rat Enthusiasts and Prospective Adopters,


We have some important and heartfelt news to share with you. Unfortunately, we are temporarily pausing our pet rat adoption program due to a series of recent challenges.


In the past few weeks, we experienced the loss of our last few litters, and our mother rats are currently in recovery. Additionally, we are saddened to share that last week, Malcolm, one of our beloved rats, lost his fight with respiratory disease. With all of this happening in such a short period, we have decided to pause our adoptions to ensure the health and well-being of our rats.


The health and well-being of our rats are our top priority. We believe it is crucial to give our mother rats the time and care they need to fully recuperate before we can resume our adoption program.


Moreover, due to the high loss of babies, we suspect there may be an issue with our current males. As a result, we have decided to retire these big boys from our breeding program. They will now enjoy a life of leisure, riding around the house on our shoulders.


Please don’t despair. We have adopted three new males who have beautifully integrated with the rest of our boys. In the fall, after they have had time to grow and we are confident in their health, we will be integrating two of them into the breeding program. Rest assured, we are not going away.


During this pause, we will also focus on improving our novice content creation skills and updating our website. One of our goals is to enhance the rat community’s knowledge, and we will continue to add more information and resources to our site.


Though this is a sad time, we are hopeful and excited for the future. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Together, we can ensure a brighter and healthier future for our beloved rats.


Welcome to P’Ototo’s Rattery, where furry companionship meets unconditional love! If you're seeking a unique and intelligent pet, look no further than our adorable rats.

At P’Ototo’s Rattery, we're passionate about educating new and seasoned rat owners. We believe that knowledge empowers responsible pet care, fostering happy, healthy, and enriched lives for both rats and their human companions

Our Rats' Daily Lifes

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